The Map

The "Map" summon selected artists form E.E.and assign to each one a specific level of the walk: Heavenly, Secular and Arboreal, each level indexed by a color and a keyword. 

Arboreal walkAarushi Zarthoshtimanesh We let ourselves be carried away by the imprint of the first amazement The image that uses the energy of body language to disassemble something inveitable from a inside and outside in contours through which a landscape and a river are filtered. The keyword of Aarushi: I am the light of continuity. 

Heavenly walk. Alexandra Czinczel In the rounded world of the angel. The key word: Alexandra the friendly inhabitants. 

Heavenly walk. Aliceson Carter joins in the celestial by breaking time with ghosts of the memory, the time of joy to cross the dawn of a dance to be stars. The key word: Aliceson magic night bird. 

Secular walkAlison Jones. The transformation into animalia the world where we all live the powers. The Alisón key: feather light feet. 

Arboreal walkAndy Harper my territories created. Key word: Andy rename the color of a mountain. 

Secular walk. Andy Holden The pain of the construction of love, Andy's key word: the beauty of the wrinkle. 

Secular walkAnna Dean The kitchen and its domestic appliances and a body in motion, infusing it with the memory of the dance. Keyword: Anna churning the food in her smooth tempo. 

Secular walk. Anne Lydiat The feminist transit in the future of the limit and the trip. The Key Word: Anne Swings.

Heavenly walkBarbara Nicholls Cells and fluids take over our worlds. Keyword: Barbara male or female contamination. 

Secular walk. Benjamin Cockett Natural forces and our magical forces. Key word: singing in the dark. 

Arboreal walkBrian Deighton Landscape and humor. Keyword: Brian raining. 

Secular walk. Brian Sayers Music as a field of union and separation. Links and love The key word: Brian the voyer behind the creator. 

Arboreal walk. Cara Rainbow. Face The landscape within the landscape The minimal world of the East pressing in the West. The keyword: Cara on the trip to the Lilliput area.

Arboreal walkCaroline Areskog Jones. Put an address on Google map and discover a new place that is conformed as we move forward lose the notion of body. The key word: Caroline the set designer of a disease. 

Secular walk. Caryn Simonson The past crumbles into the present and the future, sew a body on a receipt remainder. A different dimension a different country. Key word: Caryn embroidering a rest of history. 

Secular walkCécile Emmanuelle Borra The overflow of a world of orders that allow us to get out of morality. Celine keyword in gustatory eroticism. 

Arboreal walkCharlotte C. Mortensson Photography as a meeting of colonial zones and territories in the disarmament of the resistance. Key word: Charlotte altered streets. 

Secular walkCharlotte Pannell The body reduced to a connector, to circuits, to be inside the circuit, to be the mind of the image. Key Word: Charlotte understand blink of an eye. 

Arboreal walk. Christine Gordon Memories of a journey as the end of a place of pleasure. Keyword: Charlotte Routes to the End. 

Secular walkCyan Dee The magical faces, the cats and their eyes The key word: Cyan ultraviolet eyes. 

Secular Walk. David Leal. A vaccine incident. Keyword: Conversation with a bat. 

Arboreal Walk. Dorothea Magonet. The construction of a landscape written on the body. Keyword: Dorothea Haiku for you in heaven.

Arboreal Walk . Duncan Wooldridge. The plots that already define us as technological ocean nations and their flags in the corridors of the web. Keyword: Duncan.

Secular walk. Dunhill y O'Brien. My characters in the labyrinth. Keyword: Dunhill the animated loft.

Secular walk. Erika Winstone. Keyword: Erika Mundis seen from the horizon line.

Secular walk. G. Calvert. Meditation in the water. Keyword: G: Calvet be water molecules and dissolve me.

Secular walk. Greg Rook, Romantic and rural collective utopias. Key word: futures in all-in-one security

Secular walk. Helen Robertson, The little sense when it seems to end under destination. Keyword: waypoints.

Heavenly walk. Holly Slingsby. To be a golden palm within a cosmos of events. Keyword: Blister pack of starry scenes.

Arboreal walk. Hyunha Lim. The treasured landscape, in the closet. Keyword: hills and texts woven into the protection of reinventing the lake.

Heavenly walk. Inigo Batterham. The radiance of heroes. Keyword: portions of oblivion encounter.

Secular walk. Jaime Welsh. The minute after the party. Keyword: bodies in the closet slot.

Secular walk. Jana Appleyard. Life in natural order. Keyword: the meditative continuum of an animal.

Heavenly walk. Jane Eyton. Deadly beauty and her defense. Keyword: swims in poisonous secrets.

Secular Walk. Janette Parris. MUNDANE THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Should I go for a walk to get some sun? Keyword: Donate you in the Candy Crater

Arboreal Walk. Jatun Risba. Be-coming Tree. Key word: the crust, human in lava rivers

Secular Walk. Jeffrey Dennis. The Street Confessional. Key word: covid thresholds, invisible wars and privacy havens. In the paint.

Secular Walk. Jessica Reeves. The house is a personal center of gravity. Key word: cage woven by a snail.

Heavenly Walk. Joe J. Ford. Expeditions that I have been doing in my past. Keywords: Inside is a worm.

Heavenly and Arboreal Walk. John Bicknell. Marat's arm twice. I live in Greece, which for me is home and paradise, and I have no desire to be anywhere else - other than in my mind, through the inner landscape and image of poetry and painting. Key word: Fires at War, formless revolution.

Secular Walk. Jon Rees. The faces of my friends in the window. Key word: the surprise of the eyes in the warmth of the known.

Heavenly Walk. Jordan Baseman. Dancing future on a white time. Keyword: Jordan´s longing.

Heavenly Walk. John Lawrence. Fingerprints on lights. Keyword: too late.

Secular Walk. Judith Dean. Perspective of a stillness. Keyword: numbers and colors.

Heavenly Walk. Julie Born Schwartz. Keyword: blue stillness.

Arboreal Walk. Julie Povey. A global collage. Keyword: reversing space on paper.

Arboreal Walk. Kaori Homma. Vanishing memories in a visual brick. Keyword: sunset of a experience.

Secular Walk. Kelly Chorpening. Keyword:sharpenings.

Secular Walk. Laura Jacobs. Identifying the Self. Keyword: drawing on the mirror.

Arboreal Walk. Laura White. Tales from gardens. Keyword: flowers on the green.

Secular Walk. Lizzi Kew Ross. Glass of time, healthing wait. Keyword: a glance to the structures.

Secular Walk. Louise Ashcroft. Performing the evil ritual. Keyword: feeding the ordinary prision.

Heavenly Walk. Lucy Newman Cleeve. Opening the grey lights. Keyword: projections.

Arboreal Walk. Marcus Bastel. Capturing a morning walk. Keyword: Satori.

Secular Walk. Maria Chevska. Drawing Elegys on coulored paper. Keyword: Rilke´s Lockdown.

Heavenly Walk. Maria Zahle. Blueprints for a helicopter trust. Keyword: Nobody´s word.

Secular Walk. Marion Coutts. Soap friendships. Keyword: Simple.

Secular Walk. Marisa J. Futernick. Detroit was an already emptied-out city. Keyword: gentrificating souls.

Arboreal Walk. Mark Dean. Srping Fields footage, green air on a neigborhood walk.Keyword: green.

Secular Walk. Mark Emblem. Postcards Sounds. Keyword: Dreamhouse.

Arboreal Walk. Mark Fairnington. A history of painting. Keyword: Aira Force.

Heavenly Walk. Mark St. John Ellis. SmokeSounds in a Cathedral Vessel. Keyword: Viral Redemptions.

Secular Walk. Martin Newth. Mixing Sounds, Mixing Colours, Mixing Ages. Keyword: Remastering.

Secular Walk. Matt hale. A black and white time. keyword: taxed on the cause.

Heavenly Walk. Matthew Kolakowski. Distance Learning. Keyword: Keyword the frames of the golden matrix.

Heavenly Walk. Megan Day-Haynes. I consider that the lack of form is a type of utopia, in its unconditional tendencies, without gender and indiscriminatory. Keyword: endless listening.

Heavenly Walk. Melanie Manchot. Private privacy and pleasure to a shared public space. In that sense, the community room functions as a container. Keyword: texas boots and sand jumping.

Heavenly Walk. Mia-Nelle Drøschler. Float in the space in-between. Keyword: Soft floor and slippery feet cross the landscape.

Secular Walk. Mike Nelson. Anthropomorphic presence. Keyword: power in your hands.

Secular Walk. Mimi Whiteway. agencies of fruits and pictures such as still lifes. Keyword: keyword human chance.

Secular Walk. Mollin + Voegelin shows her absent. Keyword: the rooms next door.

Heavenly Walk. Molly Crump. Pieces of my home Keyword: keyword the softness of the interior.

Heavenly Walk. Neal Brown. Fish and escalators and a sleeping body. Keyword: keyword continuous sliding.

Arboreal Walk. Nina Danino. Nocturnal of voices Keyword: keyword smoke of pain.

Heavenly Walk. Oona Grimes & Tony Grisoni. Caught fluttering in another death game. Keyword: spectral friends.

Heavenly Walk. Paul Noble. Black hole of atoms. Keyword: dance on the ship.

Arboreal Walk. Peter Lewis. Between the evil. Keyword: the anchor and e travel between borders of names.

Heavenly Walk. Phil Baines. Alpha Omega 2020. Keyword: year by year engraved and evaporated candles.

Secular Walk. Rachel Lowe. Be peace. Keyword: dangerous assertion.

Heavenly Walk. Rosa de Sausmarez Parry. The wide world. Keyword: colorama solar.

Secular Walk. Rose Goddard. The inheritance and the tastes. Keyword: the records that were playing that day.

Heavenly Walk. Ruby Kester. It's no one's fault, I transit. Keyword: transformism of a dream.

Secular Walk. Rut Blees Luxemburg. Magic columns of a utopian plan. Keyword: square curves of ideal cities.

Arboreal Walk. Ruth Maclennan. Beavers will tenaciously rebuild after storms or human damage, to some extent. Keyword: The Inner Movement.

Arboreal Walk. Rylie Goodchild. Fragile Romance. Keyword: separation evoking fantasy and wind.

Secular Walk. Sarah Lightman things that invade me socks and flowers. Keyword: looking at me.

Heavenly Walk. Sidsel Christensen. The the river of oblivion. Keyword: the flowers that float in the sun.

Secular Walk. Simon Periton. New normal. Keyword: breaking.

Arboreal Walk. Sophie Horton. Just because it's sunny outside doesn't mean everything is fine inside. Keyword: forest remains.

Heavenly Walk. Sophy Rickett. Still life (with steam) Keyword: litmus.

Secular Walk. Subai Zheng. Beating eyes of terror Keyword: in permanent war.

Heavenly Walk. Suky Best. Mental curtains of substance spaces and pink rivers. Keyword: abstract universes in the air.

Secular Walk. Tiger Nicholson. Clavisie and religion. Keyword: desert privileges.

Heavenly Walk. Tim Hon Hung Lee. A belief system transforms an object or act into something greater than the sum of its parts. Keyword: apple.

Secular Walk. Tony Hill. Sunlight. Keyword: floating light.

Arboreal Walk. Trevor Coopersmith. Expansion and contraction as a journey Keyword: infinite parks.

Heavenly Walk. Wendy Anderson destinations and travel numbers, which are ghosts of the past and memories, juxtaposed with the shapes that refer to the windows that I look at every day. Keyword: the fee n a drawing of the impossible time.

Secular Walk. Winky Tsang. This a good distance? Keyword: a work of art what mediates as a story.

Secular Walk. Zethu Maseko. Mamlambo as intercultural monster. Keyword: Translating the fear.

to be continued...

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